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About Us


Here at Faith Baptist Church, you are among friends and people who really care for one another.

We are a fundamental, independent, KJV, Baptist Church. We are conservative and follow a traditional style of music in our worship services. Our goal is to share the love of the Lord Jesus with all those around us and wholly follow the teaching of God`s Word. 


The purpose of this church is to be a family oriented church where people can come and worship God while at the same time receive help to deal with the challenges of life. We want to share Jesus Christ, His death, His burial and resurrection with all who come. And help all to have a personal relationship with God and with us. We want to be a friend to all and are always ready to help.


Please bring your family to church. We are here for you. If you have any problem at all, Gods’ Word, the Bible, has the answer. Our Church desires to operate like a Biblical family. That is we pray together, we fellowship together, we serve God together, and we study God's word together.


You can find out more about our church through our church Facebook page. Here is a link to that where you can see more pictures and even watch a Facebook Live video of our services each week:

We hope you can come for a visit soon!

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